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Eyas can be downloaded from the Food4Rhino Website. We ask that you fill in a form that will allow us to notify you of updates. A self extracting installer is used to install Eyas to your work station. Eyas requires licensing, the user needs to install a license file. Eyas is currently free and the license allows you to use the current version for 12 months as evaluation while in Release Candidate/Beta version. The plug-in is fully operational in all three flavors of Standard, Professional and Enterprise. The user needs to email an auto created machine ID string. A license file will then be emailed to you from the form the user filled in on the Food4Rhino website prior to downloading the plug-in. Without a license file the plug in may be used for 30 days in trial.


If an Eyas component is not working it is likely because the current session of your grasshopper definition does not contain at least one instance of the EYAS license manager on the canvas. AT LEAST ONE INSTANCE OF THE LICENSE COMPONENT MUST BE INCLUDED ON THE CANVAS IN A USER DEFINITION. As an example, consider the ExcelGetValue component, in the first instance the component is not licensed and the bottom balloon says NO LICENSE, the second instance is a correctly licensed component and states one of the three flavors of STANDARD/PROFESSIONAL/ENTERPRISE.


While released as a Release Candidate/Beta version the EYAS  plug-in is fully operational in all three flavors of Standard, Professional and Enterprise. The user will be emailed a license key when registering for a download from the Food4Rhino Website.

First Time Installation

For the first time installation of EYAS, the user must drag and drop the LicenseManager component onto the canvas in their grasshopper definition, double click the LicenseManager component, the component will then prompt the user to install a license by copy and pasting the supplied license key in to the dialog box, see below


The user only needs to do this once. Once a license file has been installed, EYAS will work without the need to reinstall, provided the license manager is dragged at least once to the canvas. The license manager should now say licensed in the message balloon at the bottom of the manager.


The output of the component gives details about the currently installed license.

L- Licensed

LT – License Type

D – Details of license



EYAS comes in three flavors of components. One first instantiated, a component is of the STANDARD flavor. The user may select increasing levels of complexity by right clicking the component on its center and selecting the component flavor. The message balloon at the bottom of the component will change to show the current flavor. Input and Output Parameters will be added or deleted to the component based on the flavor. As an Example the various flavors of the ExcelGetValue component is shown below:


Generating a MachineID For Non Release Candidate Version

Future version/s of Eyas will become a non Beta/Release Candidate version and will require the user to supply a machineID to activate the License key for a non trial option. To obtain a license file activated by a machineID, generate a MACHINE ID by right clicking on the license component and selecting EYAS: GENERATE MACHINE ID FOR LICENSING. The user should only need to do this once.


Attach a grasshopper panel component to the ID output of the license manager, then copy the Machine ID string by right clicking on the panel and selecting copy data only.


Copy the output string for the Machine ID string and include it in an email to with the following values in your email, the username and email address should correspond to those values originally used to obtain a Release Candidate/Beta version



A license file will be emailed to you using the email address you supplied . Without a license file the plug in may be used for a 30 days in trial.

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