Live link with excel allows for interactive work, dont have to create multiple cvs files 

Can access data from different documents/disciplines using dictionaries.

Allows one to filter in memory data by expressions as well as values, keys, field names and field values. Use sorting expressions. 
Able to group data. 

Extremely low latency in excel. 
Ability to work with excel name objects for ranges and tables. Cane be scoped locally or globally. 
Add formulae.
Ability to work in a free form format. Eyas will 


Named range global 
No ! implies global 
Name global 

sheet1!name local 

Workbook\sheet!name[1.1] cell 



Frame bimcelptoon and eyas as a blank canvas to make interoperable solutions for bim and digital design 
Lunchbox differentiator 

Access range names and tables find ranges by value use local or global definition 
Speed, extremely low latency 

Live sync
Ability to get filtered values is huge and for low latency 

Create records 
Auto crate an eyas dictionary 

Write a lot of records to excel in one shot. Using json. 
Ability to use world cards to search for workbooks it work sheets 
Auto get used rang

Elefront and human diffenrtiator
Add attributes to volatile data

Microwave component 

Pixel width component

Geometry replace component

Create sets 

Filter by attributes

Create sets 

Filter by key values and or key names 

Invert filter selection 

Add to user dictionaries 

Add data table viewer for records 

Cretan new layers and groups on the fly 

Dictionaries access volatile or persistent data anywhere on canvas 

Access dictionaries on another canvas 

Dictionaries can have records and attributes 

Dictionary tree viewer

Use regex or wild cards for filtering data
Dictionaries give unique key index to volatile data accessible from anywhere on canvas. 
Select by geometry, 
Dynamic SQL or linq queries on attributes would be massive and serialize attributes via json 

Can we serialize an eyas dictionary using json?

Data table component to use with eyas record class, contains delimiter syntax and value is a dictionary of list of objects 
File manager component conoyig rvaning files 
Assign local or global names ranges
Assign tables and read tables
Accessing data from another document using dictionaries is huge 
Specification tree to frame on components or geometry is huge 
Being able to sledge dictionaries by value of geometry is huge. Allow a tolerance setting. 
Option to clear work sheet, clear range, clear table before writing  
Low latency reading of filtered data directly from excel
Use of live tables, and named ranges , and cell values, and cell names and cell addresses both local and global with offsetting.
Free form format 

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