Several examples are presented here which demonstrate key components of EYAS. A video and associated example files are presented


  • Excel
  • Attributes
  • Dictionaries
  • Structural and Architectural Design Examples



E.001 : excel writer example 1

Task: Writing to Multiple excel worksheets and excel table objects

Scope: values are written from grasshopper to an excel work book for various worksheets.

Key tasks: Offsetting, Excel table objects, access multiple worksheets



A.001 : Working with data attributes 

Task: Set and retrieve hyperlink on rhino object

Scope:  a hyperlink is assigned to a rhino reference object, the filed name of the attribute is then read back into grasshopper and a web page auto opened based on the hyperlink name. The filed value could be a path to a wide document, pdf, text file or other document.

Key tasks: assigning data attributes, working with system processes 


 A.002 : Working with color attributes
Task: microwave existing rhino objects with a user defined color.
Scope: user defines a display color to modify existing think objects. Color attributes of newly modified geometry are then read back into grasshopper
Key components: microwave, setbycolor attribute, getbycolorattribute. 






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