The excel menu contains components for settig and getting values from excel. The components are designed to provide extremely low latency for reading and writing data to excel. The components do not require the user to define a range for reading or writing , they support a totally free form format for working with excel; that is the user does not need to specify the extent of range to read. The range can be obtained automatically form the used range in an Excel sheet.

Excel Component Menu


Defining data

Values are written or read as a stream of records. A record is a string composed of a series of field names and field values separated by user defined delimiters. The user can assign custom settings for reading and writing excel data.

Range selection

It is not necessary for the user to define a range. However, Data may be written or read from Excel by defining ranges using any of the following:

  • Cell value
  • Cell or range name (local/workbook scope or global/workbook scope)
  • Table name (always global scope)
  • Explicit Range definition

Ranges can also be further referenced according to:

  • Origin definition
  • Offset definition

Reading options

  • Data can be read based on only the filtered  values of a Excel Table object.  Once data is read,  the data is returned as a record of field values separated by a user defined delimiter.
  • A header is also automatically returned representing the  field names, or alternatively, a header may be defined and returned from the range in the excel sheet.

Writing options

  • The user may choose to clear all data on a sheet before writing or to clear a specified range.
  • Data is defined as records, where each record is composed of field values separated by user defined delimiters.
  • Data can be written as a user defined Excel Table object, a user defined Excel Named Range object. If a Named Range object is used the scope can be local or global. Table Objects are always global. If a table name or range name object exist in a excel workbook, options for overwriting, concatenating, or auto assigned a new table or range name object are available.
  • The user may define a new worksheet or an existing worksheet to write data to.


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